Woman typing on a mattress

Montavilla Mattress was started in order to give the people in the community a great option to buy a local mattress.

Every Mattress sold at Montavilla Mattress was made in Oregon.

When you buy a product from Montavilla Mattress you are not only getting a great product that will provide many years of great sleep, your are helping keep a strong local economy.

Montavilla Mattress is committed to giving back, making the Montavilla community stronger everyday. Thats why a portion of every purchase you make gets put back right here.

Montavilla Mattress owner has more than 12 years experience helping people sleep better, and is looking forward to helping you wake up more refreshed tomorrow.

Our Story

Montavilla Mattress was born when Clark and Marika wanted to give people in their community an option to not only buy a local mattress, but to buy from someone who lives in, and gives back to the Montavilla neighborhood.

Clark has been selling mattresses for more than 12 years and is passionate about the value of a good night sleep.  With his experience we are confident you will find the right mattress for you, your child, or your guest.

Meet the Team

Clark and Marika are animal lovers who have two Great Danes, and two hairless cats.  They also serve as foster parents in order to make a difference .  They are committed to improving the Montavilla neighborhood.


Clark Dudek

 local Mattress Expert

Clark has been selling mattresses since 2005 and is committed to improving the Montavilla community.


Marika Dudek

The foundation

Marika helps out whenever and where ever she is needed.

Great Dane puppy




Haper is the newest addition to Montavilla Mattress, You will hear her saying hi when you arrive.  No worries she  will be inside unless you want to pet her.